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His Beloved Jewels

We are women fully devoted to Jesus Christ! We are from all different backgrounds, and we all have unique stories  but we have one thing in common, we are  women created in the image of the Living God.

This is the home of Nancy Adams and Amanda Gordon, founders of His Beloved Jewels. We  write to glorify Jesus and bring joy to those who would read.  Sisters, Word geeks and lovers of coffee, we have a desire to see women of God walking in strength and wisdom.

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His Beloved Jewels are women who love to share our lives together in relationship and community. Grab some coffee or tea and join us!

We believe that all are created in His image and that each woman is a precious jewel, beloved and chosen by God.

Join us on our journey to becoming all He is calling us to be! Dear ones, we desire that women would know that We are  all Accepted, Beloved and Chosen by the One True God  Who loves us most!  We are His Beloved Jewels!

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