accepted beloved chosen

Accepted  Beloved  Chosen

What does the concept of being accepted, beloved and chosen mean to you?

accepted beloved chosen

When someone tells you how precious you are, do you  have a hard time accepting that? Do you know how precious you are to those around you? As you walk down the street or head into church, as you see other women, do you feel a knot develop in your stomach because you feel that you will never measure up?

The truth remains the same. The Savior of the World, the Son of God, who sits on the throne over all the earth, calls *YOU* His beloved.  He values you so, He calls you His jewel.

He has made YOU accepted in the Beloved.


Have you ever read the book of Hosea? It is a wonderful book. It is the story of the prophet, aptly named, Hosea. The Lord calls him to marry a prostitute named, Gomer. She continues to betray, Hosea and return to her old ways, even after being married. Hosea continues to pursue her. Hosea continues to pursue her and they have children and yet, she still returns to what she feels is her destiny.. to be alone, taken by other loves and to be thrown away, discarded. Yet, Still, Hosea pursues her until she comes to learn, she was accepted for who she was. faults and all, she was loved just because Hosea loved her, and she was chosen, picked out above all others.

This is a story of love and one we all need to wrap our hearts around.  He accepts each one of us just as we are, with all our faults and shortcomings. He loves each one of us so much that He died on a cross to redeem us. And He chose each one of us before we could chose Him.  This mission of this blog is to reach women with the love of Christ. To help women find their identity solely in Christ and to equip them to turn around and love others with that same love He gives to us.

You Are Accepted Beloved and Chosen!

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