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Our Weekly Reading of the Word  Challenge!

Bible Reading

We have discovered the Creation, the entrance of sin and jealousy and ventured with the Flood.  We will see the Noah covenant being written and God extends His promise with artwork. Now, we are entering in the repopulation of the world.  The journey continues unto the establishment of the God’s chosen people.  Redemption is a thread that runs throughout the whole Bible.  God lays out boundaries for mankind’s well being yet, we rebel. He still loves us and makes way for each one of us to know and be known by Yahweh.

Do you color in your Bible?

When you read the Word, it can be helpful to color code by category.

Here’s my Bible Color Coding System


God, Jehovah, Jesus, Son of God, Holy Spirit or any reference to God


Salvation, Love, Redemption, Atonement, Grace, Covenant, Promises


Sin, Satan, Evil, Demons, Temptation, any reference to the evil in the world


Knowledge, Understanding, Teaching, Doctrine, Priesthood, History


Glory, Heaven


Faith, Prayer, Worship, Spiritual Disciplines, Miracles, Signs and Wonders, obedience.

Light Purple

Spiritual Gifts, Growth, Fruit of the Spirit, Discipline, Strength


Women, Marriage, Family, Children, Jewels


Prophesy, Discernment, Last Days, Rapture, Second Coming of Christ, Revelation of Jesus Christ


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