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It’s Time for a New Bible Study

Dear Ones!

Ever wonder if you are learning everything you can when you read the Bible? Have you ever felt that you read a passage but missed the point?

We are starting a new book study series called, Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days by Kay Arthur.  We are starting today, so it is not too late to join us!









Study the Bible with other women and find out that the Bible is true, there is wisdom when learning together.  This book teaches how to use the Inductive Bible Study Method. It sounds difficult, but it is rather simple really. Reading, ask questions, focus on keywords and meanings. It causes His story to jump out to life!

Join Us!

We are starting today, so it is never late to join in! Just visit our Community    or

Click Here! Come and join us on an adventure of digging deep for Biblical nuggets of wisdom and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ! There is no greater journey to be on then one of the discoveries of the One True God Who Loves You!





PS..   You can purchase the book by Kay Arthur, “Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 days” on amazon.com. Please click on the link to amazon on the side or bottom of this page. It costs you no more to purchase the book and it helps provide for my blog costs.   I am an amazon affiliate and may earn a commission by items purchased while you clicked on the ad on the page. Thank You!

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