Bible Study

WGC 2020 Bible Study * Genesis 2

A Little History for our Bible Study of Genesis We are beginning this Bible Study with the first book, Genesis. Genesis is best understood as the book of beginnings. Victor P. Hamilton in New International Bible Commentary of the Old Testament wrote, “The title “Genesis” comes to us by way of the Latin Vulgate (Incipit … Read more

living free

Living Free!

Living Free is the goal but, freedom doesn’t come without a price. Have you heard the phrase, “freedom isn’t free! Thank a veteran”? It is true. We should be grateful to those who gave of themselves so we can live free no doubt. The liberties we enjoy cost someone else pain and suffering; maybe even … Read more

Menu Share

Favorite Chicken Recipe

Monday Menu Share! This is my favorite chicken recipe! I love to menu share.  This is my favorite chicken recipe which I make it in the instant pot. It also does well in the crockpot. The longer I cook it, the better it tastes! When I use the instant pot, it is possible to use … Read more