identity in Christ

Find Your Identity in Christ!

 Find Your Identity in Christ! ~ *Think on this* Never dummy down to be accepted by someone whose insecurity can’t handle your confidence, gifts or anointing. Remember, if you bend your back, people will walk on it. But if you “stand” for who God made you to be then you can have victory!*~ Truer words were … Read more

Recipes for Natural Living

Natural Living

Natural Living I am so excited about my latest ‘accomplishments’. Slowly removing chemicals from my home and this week and adding  several new products. I made some hand soap, some anti-aging serum and face wash. It started with using  essential  oils in my cooking, then I found uses of oils in my medicine cabinet and now in my beauty … Read more

come and rest

Come and Rest

 Come and Rest   To the woman who is struggling with her purpose, remember Who you serve! He is the Lion of Judah, King of Kings and Savior of all who will believe! He has commanded you to…. GO! For the woman who is weary, Psalms 84:10 tells us to stop striving and know He … Read more


When Life Gets Tough, #pray

When Life Gets Tough, #pray!   . Life can be messy.  Some days are just crazy and I wonder why I woke up in the morning. Family relations, finances, school and children, work and every day struggles can be overwhelming. It’s time to, #pray Have you been watching the news? Shootings, terror attacks, meaningless episodes of … Read more


Dreams, The Stuff of Life

Dreams, the Stuff of Life Life is funny. Just when I think I understand which way I’m headed, it changes. And when you are here on earth, living as an adult for any amount of time, you will find that change is the new  normal.  Even dreams, which is the stuff of life, changes. When … Read more