It’s a New Study! Join us for Breaking Free!

Join us for Breaking Free

Dear Ones,

It is that time once again! We are starting a new study, Breaking Free from Beth Moore!  It’s Time to live in Freedom! I am so excited about our latest study! It is Beth Moore’s Breaking Free! Life is messy. We all find ourselves with struggles. Life can leave us feeling like we are in a prize fight with our hands tied behind our backs. We are not meant to live in spiritual bondage. We live in a world where no one is immune to the struggles of life such as depression, anxiety, addictions, results of abuse just to mention a few emotional handcuffs.  The good news is, Jesus came to bring us freedom! All you need to do is believe. Take a chance and find that He is good. He came so we could live Breaking Free from all strongholds.


The Word Says..

Luke 19:9-10 states,

       “And Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, since he also is a son of Abraham. For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”(ESV)Breaking Free









Christian women have been given a gift of freedom if we would only reach out and accept it.  It was purchased at a great price. It requires our honesty and authentic response to the open door. This is hard work. We must learn to forgive others and ourselves.

Beth Moore takes on through obstacles and those areas that hinder our freedom.  Our freedom we need requires bravery which He also provides. There is no sin or shame that He cannot bring us through our own wilderness.

Join us!

I want to invite you on a journey towards freedom. If you to join us on a journey to healing and wholeness that can only be found in Jesus Christ. Sign up for our online Bible Study! It is time to Break Free!

We begin on Monday, October 29th.  You can purchase a workbook on Amazon, Lifeway or Christianbook.

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