living free

Living Free!

Living Free is the goal but, freedom doesn’t come without a price. Have you heard the phrase, “freedom isn’t free! Thank a veteran”? It is true. We should be grateful to those who gave of themselves so we can live free no doubt. The liberties we enjoy cost someone else pain and suffering; maybe even … Read more


Has Life Passed Me By, or am I an Old Woman?

Where did the time go? Was it not just yesterday that I was in high school and dating my beloved? It undoubtedly wasn’t that long ago that we walked down that aisle or when we brought home our babies from the hospital.  I heard, with half an ear, “time goes by so fast when they are … Read more


A Call for Grace

It is time for a call for grace! We need grace.  Have you ever seen the movie, The Great Debaters?    It’s a great movie which tells the story based on 1935, of a  troop of debaters, took on a group from Harvard. A David vs Goliath story. Or have you seen the debate between … Read more


Name: What’s so Important with it?

What’s so Important with a Name? What’s so Important with a name? When a baby is born,  parents  take time to carefully choose what they will call their precious one.   It is a blessing that is spoken over each person for their entire life.  Parents seek to pick the perfect name and it is done so … Read more