Relationship vs Religion

Relationship, Religion

  The church today is full of meaningful and thoughtful phrases. They can lift my spirit when I am sad and discouraged.  Words can build up and tear down. These phrases, these cliches can be misleading.  The one that comes to mind these days is one of those that I find misunderstood. I’m speaking of the … Read more

Weekend Worship, March 3rd

Weekend Worship

Weekend Worship for March 3rd               It’s raining here. I live in Northern California and it’s wet outside. Yes, I am thinking of a very old song, ‘It never rains in California’ is strumming in my head.  It is even hailing! Believe it or not, this is exciting for … Read more

Weekend Worship- February 3rd

Weekend Worship

  Worship is the stuff of life! We were created to live in worship of the Awe inspiring God who created the universe! He is eternal, he is from everlasting to everlasting and He takes notice of each one of us! No matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, no matter what is going on, … Read more