Changes I am a grown woman with a lot of memories ‘behind’ me 🙂 And,  be it God’s will, have a lot of memories to make in ‘front’ of me.  This woman has seen a lot of changes come into the world, both good and bad.  I’ve seen fads switch from hippy, to disco, to preppy to hippy/bohemian back again. What goes around, eventually comes back around. Nothing is truly, ever really new.  It’s all really, just re-imagined or re-packaged as new. I’ve seen some good, yet the bad still remains: the growing diversity in our culture yet still, injustice thrives. Opportunities opening up for all yet, glass ceilings are still above rising dreamers. We still have  long way to go until we live in a perfect world.

One thing that I find exciting and new is, people are more comfortable about going after their passion in life. People are shedding hindrances that our society used to limit people in the past and just going after their dreams! I come from a pretty traditional family. Although my parents did not limit my dreams, I did. It took many years to separate myself dontfrom my faults and discover my gifts and find my own dreams. It never occurred to me that my love for studying God’s Word would ever grow into a dream, to write. Don’t give up on your dreams for God Himself laid those in your heart.

I love  to study God’s Word and I would consider myself a ‘geek’ when it comes to studying the Bible. See, for me, to know God’s Word is to come to know The Word made flesh (John 1).  The more I study, the more I find that there is nothing too difficult for Him. My weaknesses and faults are nothing to Him.  To watch the news, it would appear that we are close to a point of no return.  Not only that, in this day and age when there is so much division and pain in our culture, it would be easy to give up and run and hide. But, problems will always follow us. He is the answer. Many are hurting, many are angry, He is still the answer.  I still believe that no matter how bad our situations are, how deep the wounds, He is answer.

As I am writing this, I have the movie, God’s Not Dead, 2. In it is a great line… when you are going through something really tough, going through a test, the Teacher is quiet… If you are dealing with a difficult situation, remember, God is faithful. He is immutable, He never changes.

No matter how the world changes, God’s Word is timeless.


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