The Christmas Gift


It’s that time of year again when we start focusing on the greatest gift ever given.  It’s about a gracious God, giving His own Son to redeem all of mankind. We focus on a baby in a manger but, it is a greater story than a sweet child’s fable. Advent is more than sweet stories. It is a time of waiting. Waiting for the coming of the Kingdom of God to come to earth through Jesus, the Son of God. God, humbling Himself to take on flesh, to be like His creation.  We wait for the promise of lasting peace which only comes from the Prince of Peace. The greatest of all presents-The Christmas Gift!

This peace comes as we bow at His feet. It is a time of worship to the Reason we celebrate.  Christmas is a time to focus on what truly matters: Jesus. The reason that we celebrate is Love has come back to reclaim all that was lost. We concentrate on a babe in swaddling clothes, the bright star in the sky and a band of angels singing before an audience of shepherds. A time to celebrate the birth of the King. We need to remember, this King came for a purpose. He came to seek and save the lost. (Luke 19:10)

A Time of Waiting

His first coming to His creation was a story of faith, love, and miracles. It is a story of awe and wonder. So too, will be His second coming. He will not come as a helpless babe but as the King of Kings coming to set up His reign on earth.  He comes to bring lasting peace. Until this happens, we wait. Just as those who waited for the Messiah to come 2000 years ago, we wait for His coming in glory.  Let us wait with anticipation and be about our calling to share the good news to all people, sharing the goodwill and peace to all we come in contact with. This gift is too good to keep to ourselves!

Merry Christmas,

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