Come and Rest

come and rest

 Come and Rest

come and rest


To the woman who is struggling with her purpose, remember Who you serve! He is the Lion of Judah, King of Kings and Savior of all who will believe! He has commanded you to…. GO!

For the woman who is weary, Psalms 84:10 tells us to stop striving and know He is God.. nasb

As for  the woman who carries a heavy load, Come to Him, all who are weary and heavy-laden for I will give you rest. He promises you.

Come and Rest.

Am I the only one who struggles with resting in Him? Why do we feel we must work for His grace which He suffered so much to give? We can so easily be entrapped by a religious mindset that we are crippled by the very tasks we do trying to gain His favor which we have already attained by His grace!

Furthermore, living in the freedom of knowing our identity in Christ, we are free to love ourselves and others.  We are free from trying to win His favor by ‘doing things correctly’ and loose the bondage of perfectionism that is crippling and only leads to frustration and our focus on our own abilities rather than on what He has already done for us on the cross!

Notice a Theme? Dear One, Come and Rest.

I am reading a book by Brennan Manning called The Furious Longing of God. I have also read his book entitled, Abba’s Child. His writings are changing my understanding of how God sees me. I am a doer by nature and you probably already know this if you have been a reader here for any length of time. This longing to prove my worthiness of His love just leaves me empty for there is nothing I can do to earn His love. Understanding that I am unable to gain His approval on my own. Because, I am a sinner and I am not blameless. This truth can leave us weary of even trying.

Yet, He loves me. Period. He loves you, Period. We cannot add anything or do anything  to earn His approval. We need to understand He loves us. He longs to be with us! He does not need anything we can give, we can do no thing to gain His approval, His favor… WE ALREADY HAVE IT! Even in our darkest places, Even when we were estranged from Him and haven’t accepted His free gift of salvation, He longed to be with us and loved us for who we are! He created us to be just who we are!

You are Invited into a Divine Relationship

While I am in no way saying He is ok with our sin, He hates our sin! It separates us from Him and leads us to eternal death if we do not come to the Father through Jesus, His Son. We must accept our sinful nature and come to Him for the forgiveness He freely gives. We must accept Him as our Savior! But when we do this, we join into a Divine Relationship which He seeks to have union with us as He comes to live in our hearts!

Most of all, I praise Him for He does not leave me where I was when I first came to Him. He loves me where I am and as the saying goes, Loves me too much to leave me this way! There is always hope of His molding me into His design! I just have to trust in Him and learn to rest in Him.

So, what does union mean to you? What connotations come to mind? When we become His child, we become part of His family, yes? He no longer calls us His servant but His friend. I urge each one of us to read the Gospel of John. Spend some time coming to terms with the fact we can do nothing to earn our way into His good graces. We are all sinners in need of a Savior. He paid it all and He freely gives us all we need.

Find Your Secret Place!

Unfortunately, we all have a Martha in us. We all want to be busy and work for our treasures. But, we find joy when we rest at His feet. Times of worship and time of communion are the ‘better thing’. And we can even have communion when we are doing the dishes, driving down the road, maneuvering in a busy grocery store, or going about our day-to-day tasks. We can walk in His presence at all times… are you? I know I can struggle with it some days..We need to find our rest in the Secret place.

Finally, I invite you to come and rest.

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