For the Love of Planners


For the Love of Planners

I LOVE my planner! I am an unashamed planner geek. Filofax, Traveler’s Notebooks, Bullet Journals: I’m using them all. I use a traveler’s notebook as a war binder/Bible Study record, another I use a Filofax a5 for my work/ministry and the last, I use as another traveler’s notebook multipurpose bullet journal which I can carry with me. I am thinking about adding a  personal Filofax to use as a wallet, but that might be overkill!


Imagine my surprise when I discover I am not the only planner geek out there! I turn on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. There is a whole community of others who find their own happy place when a planner, pens, and stickers are spread out in front of them.

Just do a little search on YouTube

Do a search on YouTube for planners or bullet journals.  Everything from “weekly plan with me” videos to ‘how to’ discussions abound. One could lose whole days to watching these videos if one allowed them self to ‘binge-watch’.  I have been known to get lost in them on some downtime… sigh. Seems I am not alone.

It is nothing new to have been known to tweak my systems often. I enjoy finding new ways to “hustle’ and I am a firm believer in always moving forward, rid of what doesn’t work and be open to something new. Maybe it’s a fever, or even better yet, a sign of boredom, but I am a planner geek!

One can never have just one

As I mentioned above, I have more than one that I use.  I rarely end the year with the same planner.  I currently use a Filofax A5 Malden and a Prima Marketing Traveler’s Notebook. (A second Traveler’s notebook is used for a War Binder) I prayer journal, keep a record of my sermon notes and track my prayer requests and His answers. There are multiple uses for a planner.  I have been toying with the idea of introducing an Erin Condren into the mix as a memory keeper but we’ll see.

Am I the only one? Please comment below and share how you use yours! Want to chat with other planner geeks and lovers of paper? Join us at His Beloved Jewels Chat!


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