I am THAT Woman, the woman at the Well

I am Woman


I am That WomanI love the story of the woman at the well…because I am THAT woman! Jesus and the disciples are walking from Judea to Galilee.  They had to pass through Samaria. This was a rather scandalous  journey in the day. The Samaritans and Hebrews were at odds because of historical and religious differences.  Jews would rather walk out of their way than have any contact or interaction with a Samaritan.   They were tied together by heritage yet there were racial arguments between them.

Jesus sends the disciples off to get food while he rests by a well.  Most women would come in the morning, when its cool.  Up comes a woman, all by herself. Jesus asks her for some water. Astounded, she asks Him why he is talking with her? Why is a Jew speaking to a woman,  even still,  a Samaritan woman? This is unheard of! Shocking!  Societal restrictions forbad a Jewish male from interacting with a woman, and what’s worse, a Samaritan.

Jesus is committed to His goal

Jesus is committed to the purpose for which He came. He came to seek and save the lost. He came to bring heaven down to earth, social norms do not hinder Him. Jesus replied to her that if she knew Who she was talking to,  she would be asking Him for the true and Living Water.  He knew her life was not a righteous one. Having anything to do with her could ‘smear’ His reputation yet He continues to reach out to her.

There she is,  at the well, at  the hottest part of the day, alone because she is a woman with a past. Others probably wouldn’t have anything to do with her and she wouldn’t have to hear their comments.  This woman  possibly has a pretty rough and sarcastic tone when speaking to Jesus.  “You have nothing to pull water from the well and its deep. Where are you going to get ‘this living water”?  Are you greater, better than our ancestor, Jacob?”  He  shares that He alone can give water that will always satisfy and leads to eternal life.

He alone satisfies

Jesus now does something that astounds her.  He precedes to “read her tea” and bring out the truth of her past and her sin. That she has had five husband and the man she is living with is not married to her. She is astounded that He would know and exclaims that there is a coming Messiah. He shares with her, He is that Messiah.

She is so touched, blown away, she runs to tell everyone she can back in town. The woman at the well is saved. She is changed from a woman of sin to a woman of faith.  He reached out and she responded. He was not limited by social requirements, by any racial hindrances and moved forward in love and grace.

I am that woman

I am That woman. He freed me from the shame of a life of sin.. how dark the pit of sin and shame can provide. Yet, I also know the unspeakable joy of God’s redeeming love and forgiveness! His love and redemption has no limits.  Chains of traditions broken, the bondage of sin torn away and replaced with Living Water which is heaven on earth! No longer do I walk with my head lowered in shame to standing upright and looking forward because He loves me and I am His.  I can share my story without fear or shame because He has accepted me, He calls me, “beloved’ and I am chosen by Him! Do you want to know what it is to live eternally? Do you want to know the One who loves you so much that He brought that Living Water to all who would accept that free gift? Contact me!

With His love,

Nancy Adams


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