Monday Menu Share-My Favorite Recipe

Monday Menu Share

Monday Menu Share

Monday Menu Share-My Favorite Recipe

Dear Ones! I love sharing recipes!

What’s for dinner?  Today is Monday and I am starting a new thing here. Monday Menu Share! I am going to start an online cookbook of healthy, easy recipes to share with your family and friends. Eating well is one way I am striving to live healthy and whole. So, today here is my first recipe that has become a family favorite for my loved ones.

I (Nancy) am making simple instant pot pork chops 

It’s easy!

My Favorite Pork Chops

Add a little olive oil with some minced garlic and set to saute. Season with your favorite seasonings. I LOVE the organic salt free seasonings from Costco.
Brown each pork chop on both sides and remove. Empty the pot and then return the pork chops to the machine.

Add 1 cup- 1/2 cup chicken broth or bone broth and return chops to the pot.

Add 1-2 chopped onion,
radishes ( a healthy alternative to potatoes)
sliced bell peppers
Seasonings of choice
Set to high pressure for 10-20 minutes depending on your machine and thickness of the chops 


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