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Have you heard the term, “natural living”?  It seems to be the catchphrase these days. It appears to be the latest fad and cool thing to claim.  And to be honest, I am on this gravy train myself.  My doctors are pushing my change of eating and habits and lifestyle choices.  This is becoming and wonderful adventure which is quite the surprise for me.

natural living








Reading up on the subject

I am reading a wonderful book, Everyday Natural.   The thought of making wholesale changes to living can be overwhelming.  The author, Jacqueline Ritz wrote, “Natural living isn’t feeling more stressed, less happy, less functional and miserable, exhausted and anxious. It doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy this beautiful life anymore because you are overwhelmed by the ugliness of this world.. if you’re not experiencing the joy of natural living.”  I am on a life-long journey of new choices, a new lifestyle. No matter if I make a mistake, I will start up again.

I am choosing to make different choices. Decisions which may seem daunting at first, but I am learning to take one choice at a time. Like making natural, homemade cleaners with essential oils. Having an urban homestead with my own garden and chickens.  Cleaning out the pantry of all processed foods, wheat, and white sugar products and replacing them with vegetables and certified organic food. I am learning to retrain my tastebuds and learn new ways to cook. I will be sharing the recipes I find and tips on how you can join me on this journey.

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