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I am so excited about my latest ‘accomplishments’. Slowly removing chemicals from my home and this week and adding  several new products. I made some hand soap, some anti-aging serum and face wash. It started with using  essential  oils in my cooking, then I found uses of oils in my medicine cabinet and now in my beauty regime.   I am so excited about this next move toward natural living!

Hand Soap

I found some really cool soap dispensers on amazon .. Love the shabby Chic look

1/3 cup distilled water

1/3  cup Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap

3 tbl Fractionized Coconut Oil

15-20 drops of Lavender and 10-15 drops of Tea Tree Oils

First add the distilled water, before adding the castile soap so it does not bubble up. Next, add the coconut oil and the essential oils. Enjoy!

Anti-Age Serum

30 drops Frankincense

20 drops Helichrysum

10 drops Lavender

Jojoba Oils

Grab a roller jar. Add oils then add the Jojoba oil. Dab on wrinkles and problems at night.

Face Wash

This one is a favorite!

1/3 cup local raw honey.

1/3 cup baby or mild Dr. Bonner Castile Soap.

2 tbl fractionized coconut oil

3 tbl distilled water.

Add to dispenser 🙂

natural living

Come and join our group for sharing our journey in living naturally 🙂 A Natural Home where we chat about all things home.. organic, holistic, incorporating essential oils and eating clean. I hope you will join us!

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