Our New Bible Study!

New Bible Study

Beloved, It’s Time for a New Bible Study!

New Bible Study









We have been going through a study, Lord, Teach me to Study The Bible in 28 days and it was time well spent.  It was a month learning how to use the Inductive Bible Study method developed by Kay Arthur of precept.org.  I highly recommend her videos and teachings that can be found on most Christian TV stations called Precepts for Today. I have been using this system since watching her for 20 or so years.  It has opened my eyes to so much that I probably would have missed studying on my own.

it is now time to get ready for our newest study!

The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer

The days of living life without our Swords are over! We are in a battle, the Christian life is a war against the enemy of our souls who stand to accuse the brethren.  While we are at war, we are not defenseless.  Let’s grab our swords, otherwise known as the Word of God and open it to Ephesians.

Come and join us in our online community Bible study group.   We will go through the study together, gather together with our notebooks and coffee and grow and dig deep into the Word!

You can purchase the book at lifeway.com or click on the Amazon link on the bottom of the welcome page and search for the workbook. (This blog is an  Amazon affiliate. This link helps to provide for blog expenses.)

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