Our Weekly Bible Reading Challenge, Week 3

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Weekly Bible Reading Challenge, Week 3. It’s week three!I apologize for being absent on this; my life went through a medical adventure last week ūüôā

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We are finishing up with the flood and learning about the covenant made with Noah.¬† God always created a pathway for the righteous and those who lived by faith.¬† Noah’s family and grew and thought about this, all nations rose from this family.¬† Moving onto another story, the Tower of Babel, which many of us are familiar. It is another act of mankind’s desire to rebel against the will of God. I wonder sometimes, when will we ever learn?

We finished with the Covenant God makes with Abraham.  The next thread in the redemption plan of God. We are starting to trace a theme!

For this week, let’s continue in Genesis!

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We are about to witness human failing at its best.¬† Not only that, we are going to note God’s plan work out, even in the midst of mankind’s misgivings and interference. Oh, the drama! Genesis is better than any reality tv show!¬† Enter Sarai and Hagar! Enter, unbelief and backstabbing plans. It¬†deals¬†with piles of salt and warring angels.

Grab your markers, your colored pencils,¬† a tall glass of lemon water or a warm cup of coffee.¬† Open up in prayer and read through each day’s reading a couple of times. I say this because if we read through it more than once, we tend to notice themes, repeated keywords, which are words significant to the story that we need to take note. We need to use every detective trick up our sleeves. We must ask questions, take note of all the facts and remember this story, all that we read is God-breathed, and each story has a purpose.¬† Yes, even all the genealogies¬†have a purpose!

Do you map out your reading?¬† Or do you take notes?¬† Here’s an example from my studying of Ephesians one morning..













Get creative but read through it a couple of times at least to truly understand the narratives of the story.  Do not rush and do not let anything pass your attention. We are going to dig deep into His Story written for all mankind, written with you in mind!

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