Reading Through The Word

Reading the Word

I want to challenge you to be reading through the Word!

Word Girl

Dear Ones,

I am so excited! As a group, some ladies and I are reading through the Word chronologically. We started with the beginning of the New Year but I thought I would open it up here 🙂

So, I am posting a reading plan, set up to read each week and I will add some discussion questions 🙂

Here’s to Digging Deep!

Word Girls










Beloved, Read. Read again and Read Once More.

Observe, take time to notice dates, people, events and anything you feel relevant. Notice who wrote it. Look for themes and main ideas.  Always pray and look for ways to apply it to your life.

Outline Chapter One to all repeated patterns you notice.

What about the words, “Let there be..” so important?

Look up Romans 1:20-25 and Hebrews 11:1-3 .. how should we respond to God’s revelation of Himself to us?

What does chapter two teach us about our original nature and purpose? Why did God create us? Why man first and women, second?

What does it mean that man and woman would become one flesh?

In Chapter three, how did this effect:  God’s original design and purpose?

Describe the fall. How did this change God’s plans? Did He know about this ahead of time?

Who is the serpent? Was he a real or mythical creature?  How did he change what God had commanded Adam and Eve?

After the fall, how does Adam and Eve’s relationship change?

Describe the process where God is talking with Adam and Eve. How did He deal with the aftereffects of the fall? Did God turn His back on them or did He reach out and cover them?

Discuss the need for sacrifices now.

How does the entrance of sin into the world affect the first family?

What did Cain do and Abel do for a living?

This should get us going! Feel free to answer in the comments! I would LOVE to study with you! Want to join others? Click here!

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