Reading the Word, Week Four

Reading the Word for week four is about to begin!

Grab your Bible, pens, notebooks, and let’s Dig Deep into the Word!

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How I pray you are finding the joy in the journey of the Word! My deepest desire is to spread my absolute joy that I find in the study of God’s Word!

Have you noticed something about each character, each person that we have read about so far have been anything but perfect? Each person has been flawed, I would dare to say,  deeply flawed instead of the holy people I would expect to read about?

Abram and Sarai are perfect examples. God promises them a son in their old age. They are both well past the baby bearing years and it would truly be a miracle to have this happen. What makes it worse,  it takes many many years between the original promise of a son to fruition ending in swaddling clothes. Sarai gets impatient. Um, can you relate? I know I can!

Sarai comes up with a plan to ‘help God’ out because He must have either forgotten His promise or needs her help moving it along.  She brings her handmaiden, Hagar to Abram and well, you probably already know. She is given as a surrogate and Hagar gives Abram, Ishmael. This only breeds more drama. It all blows up in her face. Oh, the Drama!


But then, God. God hears all their cries for help. He reaches out to Hagar and is the God Who Hears and blesses her and her son.  He re-establishes His covenant with Abram. Not only does He reaffirm His promise, He gives them new names. Abram, which means, “exalted father” to Abraham, which means, “father of multitudes”. Sarai, which means, “my princess” to Sarah, which means, “mother to nations”.  They were re-named, expanded their destiny from a human perspective to a God-sized perspective!

Our names are our God-given destiny.  For instance. My name is Nancy. While my parents named me,  it is God, Who always knew my name from before the foundation of the world. My name means grace, gracious. This is what He sees me, what I am to live out, my destiny to give grace and share grace with all those who come in my pathway.  What’s your name? What does it say about you?

Reading The Word

Keep your heart open to hear His Story, especially what story He has for you!  Want to read with others? Come join our online community!

Reading the Word




May God bless you beyond measure!

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