War Binders and Prayer Journals

Prayer Journals

Prayer Journals

Dear ones,

Have you noticed a movement on youtube  concerning prayer and war binders? Ever since that wonderful movie, War Room came out, I have noticed a growing ‘thing’ to have a war binder. Women and men all over the world are using war binders in their time alone in prayer and God is recruiting many to His army of prayer warriors! It is an exciting and wonderful tool and a great way to record our walks with Christ. It has brought many to their knees in strength and power and the world is being changed for it!

But, do you know the difference between the war binder and a prayer journal? Do you need both of them? My short answer is yes and YES!

Prayer Journaling

There is a  tool called a Prayer Journal which I have found to be invaluable to my life.  Some mistake it for a war binder.   A prayer journal is a book or notebook that I write out my prayers. I have been praying this way  for many years. It is a wonderful record of how I can unload, praise, be real with the Lord. I have years of journals and it records my heart. It also records the answers He has given. There is no real form, no real pattern, unlike a war binder, it is just an open heart letter written out to my Jesus. It is just freely written and no holds barred. When I journal, I am able to shut off distractions, anything that would hinder my freedom

I can get as creative as I like. Now, please keep in mind, I can draw a mean stick figure 🙂 But, there is something refreshing about decorating my prayer journal. But, this is not the goal of a prayer journal. 

So, then, what is the goal? I can only speak for myself but, it is a written out record of my daily (hopefully) conversations with Yahweh. It is a open, no holds-barred, journal filled with my gratitude and praises, supplications and requests, and even desires and laments. I date them, address them as a I am praying out-loud, and finish with praying in the name of Jesus. It is literally, a written out prayer. Sometimes, even more then one a day 🙂 I will always record answers to prayers and what I am reading in His Word. It is not a structured process. It is just opening up my heart in prayer. It’s a wonderful thing to do, to read later and notice when He answers my prayers!

The War binder

I love the thought of a war binder and I have one along side my prayer journal. Both strong weapons and integral part of my quiet time. A War Binder has  sections which include areas for reflection, scripture writing, scriptures for each family member, and  sermon notes. Not only that, I have sections for each day of the week, filled with verses to pray out loud!

I also have sections for words that I get from my reading of His Word, thoughts that come in prayer, and even a record of my dreams. It is a place to record His promises and use these verses which have come to mean so much, to pray over people and situations in my life. His Word will not return void… Isaiah 55 clearly states,

    “For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven
      and do not return there but water the earth,  making it bring forth and sprout,
      giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth;  it shall not return to me empty,   but it shall accomplish that which I purpose,
      and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it
Speak out Your Prayers and Speak out the Word! Speak it Loud for your heart to His to hear! His WORD will not return void!
We are called to be women in His Word and we are called to be women of prayer! There are many different types of using war binders, prayer journals and even now there is such an interesting form of study called doodle study! Ever heard of A bullet journal? it is another fine way to pray!  I am so encouraged to see a fresh look at prayer and Bible study.. just check out pinterest!

What I used to make my prayer journal

All you really need is a Bible and a notebook. This is what I used to set mine up.

  • Hobonichi Techo 
  • Stalogy A5 ( I use this for my prayer journal.
  • Avery Post-It Tabs Label for each section. These are 1 each: Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield. One for each day of the week. 

Prayer Journal

Pray Fervently!

I highly recommend the book by Priscilla Shirer called Fervent. It is wonderfully written and thorough on the process, reasons why we should record our prayers and a great jumping off place!
May your words be many, your knees strong and your prayers line the doors of heaven!

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