Week Five, Reading through the Word Challenge

Word Girl

Well, life happens.  I am back and ready to read through the Word once again. This is week five of our #WordGirlChallenge! It is time to gather our Bible, Notebooks, and Pens to jump into the wealth and wisdom of Job!

Weekly Bible Reading








We are finishing up Genesis and moving onto Job.  As we close off the Book of Genesis, we find that Isreal has been brought to Eygpt and is reunited with his long-lost son, Joseph.  He passes away and he is buried with his ancestor’s as he requested.  Joseph reconciles with his brothers and dies. This brings about the beginning of the stay in Egypt for 400 years as prophesied to Abraham.

Next, The Book of Job!


Word Girl
The time and place of Job are unknown.  Scholars believe Job may take place at the same time as Abraham.  This book filled with poetic. and prose. It asks the timeless questions such as why do bad things happen to good people, why do the righteous of God suffer. We can learn a lot about God, how we should react to trials and what attitudes we should have when we face troubles.  It is a story of great faith, obedience, and God’s soverhttps://hisbelovedjewels.org/our-weekly-bible-reading-challenge-week-3/eignty.

Questions to ponder:

  1.  When life gets tough, where do you run? Who do you blame?
  2. In Chapter two, we are introduced to the heavenly courtroom. Who is our adversary and what is his purpose? Who ultimately holds your future?
  3. As this drama opens up, what is so unique?  What does it mean to place a hedge around someone?
  4. How do Job’s trials bring to mind your own trials? What would you do if you had friends and family like Job?
  5. If the tables were turned, how could you help your friends during their trial and troubles?

If you are enjoying this challenge, why not join other like-minded women who are digging deep into God’s Word! Join us here!

Care to read more like this?  https://hisbelovedjewels.org/our-weekly-bible-reading-challenge-week-3/

God bless!






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