Week Seven, Word Girl Challenge

Word Girl

Welcome to a new week! It is week seven of our Word Girl Challenge!  We are smack dab in the middle of the story of Job. If you are like me, you can relate to feeling like Job at some point in your life.  When we grieve, when we find ourselves in circumstances which are difficult, if not unbearable to handle, do we blame others? Do we blame God?

Word Girl

Wow, ever felt ganged up on?  Job is suffering due to illness, loss of family and all he owned. In the midst of all his grief and sorrow, his friends decide to help and chime in with what they consider advice and encouragement.  But, instead of being an uplifting experience, his friends only find fault and accuse Job that he is the source of his problems.


Life can be so hard!

I have been there.  There were times when I came under times of hardship and it was not a result of my own behavior. But, let’s be real. Most of the time, it is the natural ending of my own bad choices and ridiculous behavior. There are always consequences for how I live.  Even still, sometimes, life is just hard for no reason of my own doing. When friends come to encourage and help, it can be humbling. Is this the case for Job?

Job calls for his friends to truly hear his position. He argues that a loss of prosperity and health is in itself, not proof of one’s sinfulness. He wants his friends to truly look at him. It is as if he wants them to see his heart, to pay attention. They would argue that God would bring retribution to the next generation but Job holds onto the fact that Yahweh is just. Just as Job casts aside the faulty conclusions of his friends, so must we have the same reaction if we are encouraged to disbelieve in God’s goodness and His justice.

It is so easy to blame God for our hardships. To shake our fists to the sky and scream of how life is not fair. He understands. The fact will always remain that He is sovereign. He is always in control. He will always use the stuff of life good and bad, if we allow Him, to the ultimate goal of our lives: to be molded into the image of Christ.

Let’s Discuss! Let’s Chat!
  1.  How does Job view the happiness of the wicked? (21:7-16)
  2. How does Job’s view compare to that of his friends?
  3. How do you respond when someone gives you advice which you disagree with?
  4. Job seeks a day in court with God. He wants his case to be made before the Judge. What would you do in this situation?
  5. Job wants to know where God is when life hurts. Have you ever wondered about this? Ever asked God? What did you learn about His character?

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