Weekend Worship-May 14th

weekend worship

Weekend Worship

weekend worship

May 14th edition of Weekend Worship. It has been a really hectic, busy week for me. I am sure I am not the only one to admit this.  It is a perfect time to re-focus on Him.

Worship means to extol worth on something and someone.  He alone is worthy of our worship. In Him we are complete. In Him, we are restored to wholeness.

We become like what we Behold

When we focus on Jesus, we naturally become like Him. Isn’t that our goal, really? To be conformed in His image? I know, I want people to see Him rather than me. It is not always what is. I do not always ‘smell sweet’ when I am squeezed. Yet, thankfully, when I refocus on Him, I am refocused in my attitude and in my whole being as well. Worship allows for us to refocus and renew. Time to rest in His presence.

This weekend’s video…

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in His love,


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