Weekend Worship, April 28th

Weekend Worship

It’s time to Worship Again! It is Weekend Worship~

Come, grab some coffee and rest.

Weekend Worship









Spring is coming and the weather is warming. Why not step outside and soak it all up? How about getting up early, Sunday, watch the sun come up. Why not see His glory at the beginning of the day? How can you not bow in reverence when He displays Himself every day in the rising and the setting of the sun?

How about slowing down this weekend, slow down enough to take in all He is doing in the earth around you. Notice the birds of the air and the creatures on the ground, how He cares for them, how much more does He care for you?

Time for weekend worship

Come to the altar, whether at your church or on your back porch. Take some time to breathe in His grace which surrounds you.  Just the fact that you woke up this morning with breath in your lungs, it is reason enough to worship.

I know that life is difficult and at times, worship is hard. Find time to sing-out-loud when it takes all your strength to just breathe.  Time spent at His feet is always worth the effort. He knows your tears, He understands.  Just think of Jesus as He is nearing His death. He stands over Jerusalem, cries out and prays for those who will soon cause Him unimaginable pain. Jesus wept for those who were about to bring about the very reason He came. The Messiah came to seek and save the lost and it would cost Him everything.  Our Savior deserves our worship, our devotion for He alone is worthy!

If you are feeling that you can’t come to Him, He is waiting to forgive and give you new life! Come and Worship!

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If you cannot make it to church, feel free to watch church online at my home church! You can watch it live Sunday on their facebook page, here!

in His love,

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