Weekend Worship March 16th

Weekend Worship

The Weekend is Just About Here! It’s Time for Weekend Worship!

It is time for weekend worship!

Weekend Worship








I hope this week has been filled with time with Jesus and you were aware that this life is worth living because of Him.  We are so busy during the week that there are days where we may be unaware He is walking with us. Weekends can also be busy but I pray you take time to Sabbath and rest.

When we focus on our King, all things become blurry, or to quote a wonderful old hymn, the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. Our lives can be so filled with tasks, obligations and stressful. Time to focus on what truly matters!

Come and Join us!

OH! Come and Join Us! We are starting a new study, Kay Arthur’s, “Lord, teach me to study the Bible in 28 days.” We start this Monday! You can purchase the book on amazon (Please click on link below).

To participate with us, Join us here!

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