Weekend Worship-October 21, 2017

Weekend Worship
Weekend Worship!

It is time again for Weekend Worship. In my life, I set aside Sundays strictly for Him.   I give the first part of my week to Him as an offering. He blesses me with rest and grace to move forward.  So, I welcome you to take a moment to worship today, even for a few minutes, focus on His Glory.

Weekend Worship








Worship is Transforming

You see, as Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians, Moses, in mediating the old covenant, walk with God’s glory shining from His face. When Moses left the presence of Yahweh, that glory faded. Yet, as partakers of the New covenant, mediated by Jesus Himself, we are the beneficiaries of an everlasting and transforming glory, which will never fade! Having time in worship is always worth it. It always transforms us into His image.  Isn’t that a good reason to spend time at Weekend Worship?

Come, rest at His feet, just as Mary chose the better part, rest and worship at His Feet. Celebrate this Weekend Worship!

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