Weekend Worship

weekend worship

Sundays are meant to focus on the One who we worship. So, let’s continue with weekend worship.


weekend worship

Worship the Great I am

Why Worship?

He is our reason for being. We are created to worship Him and bring Him glory. We were created to know Him and make Him known. Worship means to share of one’s worth. It is to acknowledge in words, in song, in action praise and honor. To think of, to give high place in our hearts. If we worship, it will spill out to the rest of our life. Our thought life will become focused and pure. Our actions will be gracious. Our words will be tender and loving. Worship affects our whole being. Worship is not for us but we walk away differently. When we focus on Him, we become more like Him. We become like Who we hang out with.

Who am I hanging out with? What happens to me when life gets sticky? What I feed my heart will come out. Am I soaking in worship and in His Word?

I want to be washed in His Word. This is my desire. It is what I love. I crave His Word. It is food for my soul.

As you enjoy your Sabbath, enjoy your rest and focus on the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Have a great day!

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