WGC 2020 Weekly Reading * January 6-12

Weekly Reading
Weekly Reading

Weekly Reading *Sin Enters the World

Here’s our Weekly Reading Plan for the first full week of January! The idyllic setting of the Garden of Eden is shattered with the fall of the first Adam. The fellowship that they had with Yahweh is now shattered. What happens next changes the fabric of all humanity. Grab your Bibles, a notebook, a cup of coffee and let’s Dig In!

The Fall

In chapter 3, describe the scene, the events and who is involved. Be sure to read through the passage several times. Try to read several different translations. Take notice of all details in our weekly reading. What do you notice?

  • Why do you think this event in the garden is called, “the fall”?
  • Who is introduced in chapter 3?
  • What was told to Adam about life in the garden? What was restricted?
  • Why did the serpent target Eve? How did he engage with her?
  • Why do you suppose the serpent targeted Eve first?
  • What did the serpent focus on in his tempting of Eve? How did He twist the commandment given by Yahweh?
  • Is Genesis intended to be taken as fundamentally history or a myth?
  • God created humanity for fellowship with Him and to live in freedom. How does these events affect that? What was the end result of the actions of Adam and Eve?
  • What does it mean to be spiritually cursed?

Ravi Zaccharias
β€œSin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay. –”

  • As Adam and Eve are evicted from the Garden, share the details of their family.
  • What do we learn about first fruits and sacrifices?
  • Share the difference between Adam being made in the likeness of God (Chapter 5 verse 1; Chapter 1 verse 26) and Seth being made in the image of Adam (Chapter 5 verse 3)?
  • What is implied by the phrase, Enoch walked with God?
  • Who was alive when Adam died?
  • Why does God redeem the family of Cain?
  • What do we know of the family of Seth?
  • Why are genealogies important?
  • Explain why we hide sin?

Something I have pondered about Eve.

I’ve been stuck on how God reacted…Eve states The Lord has helped me bore a son…instead of bitterness she is grateful having just felt all that pain that she could’ve missed. He..even though He doesn’t have to…is.with her as she feels judgement..He was and is just and merciful in His ways.

  • Notice anything that stands out in the reading of all the genealogies?
  • What is the difference between Adam being made in the likeness of God (Chapter 5 verse 1; Chapter 1 verse 26) and Seth being made in the image of Adam (Chapter 5 verse 3)?
  • How does God take care of Adam and Eve after the fall?
  • What does the phrase “Enoch walked with God” mean?
  • Who was alive when Adam died?
  • Any resemblance to Christ?

A tricky section of chapter 6

We open up with a tricky section πŸ™‚ Verses 1-4..Your thoughts on this section

  • Who were the sons of God? Where did they come from? Thoughts?
  • From God’s point of view, mankind was sinful and evil overflowed. What does it record about how God felt? What does that say to you?
  • The LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. ESV Ge 6:5. What does this say about man’s heart?
  • Noah is called, “Blameless”.What exactly does it mean to be blameless? Share all you learn about Noah.
  • What does it mean to be righteous?
  • How can this be said of you, and if not, what changes would you make to make this your lifestyle?
  • What is the covenant made with Noah?

What do we learn of Yahweh?

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