What is a Jewel?


What makes a woman a Jewel?


What makes a woman a jewel?

Picture, this: a ruby or a diamond that is perfectly chiseled an carved. The rock which is taken by the Master carver and polished until it shines under the Light.  A woman shines like a jewel the closer she is to the Light which shimmers His light through her.

Strength and dignity are her clothing,
and she laughs at the time to come.
She opens her mouth with wisdom,
and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. — Pr 31:25-26

The passage is one that is near and dear to many and yet threatening at the same time. A Jewel is not a woman who lives a pain-free life. She is a woman who has endured trials, troubles, yet has persevered. A jewel is a woman who has allowed herself to be ‘molded and carved’ by the Master.  I want to encourage you: that what the Lord sees fit to use to create you into His image is for your best.  He intends for you to take it to heart. He has a purpose for you to read it and be encouraged! I love the King James version where it says, Who can find a virtuous woman? In this passage, the word virtuous means, strength, valor, morally excellent.

We are not created to be second class or second-rate. But leads me to ask, if a virtuous woman if hard to find. If we listen to others around us who drag us down, listen to what the world has to say, we would believe just the opposite.

Strong and capable

Jewels are… Strong, Capable and yes, Obedient. Obedience brings peace, brings a strength that comes from knowing we are doing what is right. It is not a sign of weakness but strength to be obedient to the call on our lives.  A jewel will always look to grow and be moving forward. The woman of Proverbs 31 shows a great deal of diversity in skill and capabilities.

Every woman has been given strength and talents in which she is at her best when she uses them for the benefit of others.  

She is a woman of great capabilities, talents she was obedient to her call.  We are also called to use what He has given us. A Jewel may fight insecurities, may feel inadequate but God has called her blessed.  A Jewel will  find her  strength in the One “Who has “blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, 4 even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him.” (Eph 1:3a-4) One thing we need to remember: we can do No-Thing without Christ. Paul wrote…


I can do all things through him who strengthens me. — Php 4:13

We need to realize that it is in Him that we find our purpose, our strength and our ability, we are in the position to be unleashed!

Jewels are not common, run of the mill women. Jewels are set apart for His kingdom and we are to be about Kingdom business. Living as a Jewel requires strength and valor.. are you ready? Are you willing? Beloved, know that you are called a Jewels, so rise up, beloved,   you are more precious than jewels for you are an excellent, virtuous woman of God!

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