Name: What’s so Important with it?


What’s so Important with a Name?

What’s so Important with a name? When a baby is born,  parents  take time to carefully choose what they will call their precious one.   It is a blessing that is spoken over each person for their entire life.  Parents seek to pick the perfect name and it is done so with loving care. It is significant because it can define our personality, our perception of who that child is. For instance, I am named Nancy, which is a Hebrew name meaning, grace. Grace means  the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.









In the Bible,  a name is given to resemble the personality and characteristics of a person.  It is a proclamation spoken, an announcement of who we are or could be. Our moniker is not just a tag but an expression of a person,  a declaration of all we are to called to become.

Being associated with Jesus has benefits:blessings, power, attributes, even declarations of His nature and character.  For instance, as you may already know, Jesus, or in the Hebrew, Yeshua means  Jehovah Saves.  It perfectly describes why He came to us, to save us from our sins. Christ, is a title which means, ‘anointed One’.  Each name or title given to Jesus is another characteristic of His divine nature.

He calls us His own

He calls us His friends, He calls us His family. When we become Jesus followers, He gives us His name and all that comes with that distinguished gift. Because of Calvary, we are able to come to the Father in the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus has power over sin and spiritual bondage. We are free in the name of Jesus! Just as Jesus sent out the disciples to share the good news of His redeeming love, so are we called in His name to share that same gospel to all who come in contact with. We have the same authority because of His wonderful and beautiful name!


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