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I have so many books on my list this year! Having graduated this past spring, I am finding it a true joy to pick my own books again! I am an avid reader for pleasure and a desire to always be learning and growing. I never ever want to become stagnant in any area of life!

On My Book List

By Kim Cash-Tate  

I am hooked on books by Kim Cash-Tate ( having not been able to read for fun for several years, its been nice to read a Christian novel again). I just finished If I Stumble and thoroughly enjoyed it! It was inspiring, real, faith-building and uplifting. Here’s what I am reading next from her

  • If I believe
  • Cling
  • The Color of Hope
  • Hope Springs

Other books on my list

  • Wonderstruck, Hungry for God and the devotional Flourish by Margaret Feinberg
  • The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard
  • Blue Parakeet, The King Jesus Gospel, Kingdom Conspiracy, Sermon on the Mount, the Jesus Creed and the Community called Atonement by Theologian Scott McKnight  (Here’s the link to his amazon page 🙂
  • The Echos of Scriptures in the Gospel and Echos of Scriptures in the Letters of Paul by Richard B. Hays  again, his amazon page 

          This does not include my love for reading commentaries!

what’s on your list?

Book List

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