Why Study the Bible?

Study the Bible

Why study the Bible?  “Make every effort to present yourself approved to God, a worker having no need to be ashamed, guiding the word of truth along a straight path” 2 Timothy 2:15 (LEB).

Studying the Bible can appear intimidating, but it is worth the read. The Bible has it all: love, suspense, good versus evil, love triangles, eternal despair and eternal grace. The difference between the Bible and any other religious book is, the Word of God is life changing and transformative!

We become like what we behold

Have you ever notice that we behave like who we hang out with? We tend to behave like our friends whom we spend a lot of time with. Our actions and thoughts display what we are focused on, what we watch on tv and what we read. When we study the Bible, it is what affects our thoughts and behavior, because we become like what we behold.

The most important reason to study the Bible is, to grow in the love, grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. The Bible is all about Him. From the creation to the revelation of Jesus Christ, the Bible displays His redemption plan and His love for each one of us. But,

Sometimes, we just don’t know where to start

The decision to study the Bible can be overwhelming. It has 66 books in total and if you haven’t read it before, it can be difficult to know where to start. I would LOVE to have you join our Word Girl Challenge! We are reading a chapter a day 🙂

Next, you may be wondering what supplies you need. Honestly, all you need is a Bible. Here’s my favorite resources. https://hisbelovedjewels.org/bible-study-resources/

Care to join the community? Grab some coffee or tea and meet us at our His Beloved Jewels Ministries Membership Forum!

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