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Dear Ones,


It is all about Him! Life is all about Jesus. I have a confession. I have fallen into the trap of reading the Word of God looking for how it pertains to my life. As if treating the Bible as a glorified self-help book is such a shame! I completely missed the point! Am I the only one? I doubt it. Just scan the best seller’s list by Christian authors. I have no problem at all with these books and I have benefited by many of them.  There are many wonderful books and Bible Studies available and that is a good thing! What we need is the Word Girl Challenge!

But, I found myself reading the precious Word of God and missing the big picture. It is ALL ABOUT HIM and not about me. I am sure that I am not alone.

The Case for Bible Literacy

The Bible is His Story. It has been said that it is God’s love letter to mankind, and many have called it a handbook for life. While these are nice statements, even true to a point. Yet, I would argue that the main focus of the Bible is the telling of the story of God. It is His biography. Please do not misunderstand me, we all benefit from reading the Bible. It is the source off all wisdom and understanding. The more that we read the Word with a prayerful heart, we become like what, or better yet, Whom we behold. 

I have noticed a trend in our Christian world, I would say that we are, as a whole, Biblically illiterate. Even as one who studies the Word, have a degree in Biblical and Theological studies, I would include myself in this sad group. And I am speaking to specifically to women (though this also applies to men), we need to be reading His Word for all it’s worth!

How often do we pick a verse, section of the Bible or a random book of the Bible and read it without reading it in context to the rest of the Bible? Or how about just flipping the Bible open to where ever it falls and read a section and totally misinterpret the meaning without noticing? We have all done it but girlfriend, we miss the whole point of what He is saying to us! This must not continue and I am so convinced we are missing out on numerous blessings because of lack of knowledge.

A Call for the Word Girl Challenge

Our Bible Study Group is starting a new adventure in the Word aptly named, The Word Girl Challenge and I would LOVE to have you join us! We will read the Bible chronologically together, one chapter-one section a day. It is time for the adventure! We are taking our time to study and soak it all up. We use any method we choose, such as the Scripture Observe Apply Prayer method, verse mapping, Scripture writing, which ever we choose but we will read and share in our group and grow in the wisdom and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Come and join in the sweet journey of digging deep into God’s Word!


I am SO EXCITED!  I hope you will join us!

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