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Welcome to the 2020 Word Girl Challenge!

It is that time of the year again when we take time to assess our life over the past year. As the year comes to an end, we create vision boards. We start looking for our ‘one word’ for the new year. So much time is spent re-evaluating our priorities and goals for the approaching year. So many of us start off with the plan to read through God’s Word in a year with all the best intention. We start off with Genesis 1 with passion, only to give up in the long lists in the book of Numbers. When through away the Bible Reading Plan and find ourselves discouraged. Not this year! Welcome the Word Girl Challenge for 2020!

A Different Bible Reading Plan

The Word Girl Challenge is a little different then other Bible Reading Plans. This plan will take us through His Story over a three-year journey. Instead of three or four chapters a day, we will read through His Word one chapter a day, chronologically. I will post daily questions to spur your journey into His Word! I want to encourage you to give yourself grace in the process. If you miss a day, you it’s ok. The Bible reading plan has grace days.. for those days in which we need them. It is not about Perfection, it is about Grace in the process of becoming like Him. Remember, we Become like which we Behold! Gaze deeply into His Word, let His Spirit teach you about His Story, His faithfulness and His deep deep love for you!

If you would like to join our community, come to His Beloved Jewels Chat and His Beloved Jewels Bible Study!

Grab The Plan Here!

If you would like to grab the calendar, here it is.. the Word Girl Challenge 2020!

I am so excited! May God bless you greatly in 2020!

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