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Word Girl Challenge 2020

It’s Time to Begin the Word Girl Challenge!

It’s New Year’s Day! A perfect day to start on goals and dreams. It is time for the beginning of the Word Girl Challenge to begin! I am so excited to be on the adventure of digging into God’s Word! Before we actually begin, we need a plan 🙂 You can pick the plan up here… Word Girl Challenge 2020.

What You Need

To join the Word Girl Challenge,first and foremost, you need a Bible. Preferably a good translation like the New American Standard, the English Standard Version, New King James Version, or the Christian Standard Bible, (Formally called the Holman Christian Standard Bible). These are pretty solid formal, word for word translations. Another possible good choice would be the 1984 New International Version which is a dynamic or phrase by phrase translation. I myself, lean towards the NASB or the ESV 🙂

Next, grab a notebook for taking notes.Any kind will do. Pens are a must. I like the Pigma Micron or the Micro-Line fine tip pens. They do not bleed and are great for marking up the margins. For highlighters, I like the Zebra Mildliner. I get mine on amazon. The Daily Grace Co also sells some really good gel highlighters. I like to add decorative stickers and washi tap to my journals and notebooks, but that is not a necessity. The point is, have fun! Answer the questions, write out the key verses which the Holy Spirit speaks to you, and do all to the glory of God! You will not regret it!

The Word Girl Challenge Requires Grace!

Life always happens. You will notice, the plan comes with at least one grace day each week. I have them on Sundays, but use them as you need them. Any day of the week. This is a grace-filled Bible Reading Plan! Let’s start! Here’s an overview of the first 11 chapters of the Book of Genesis by the Bible Project. Today’s Reading: Genesis 1-2:4!

Let’s Start off Easy

We are reading the passage using the Inductive Method.. This requires us to follow some key rules.

  • Read the passage several times, preferably from two different translations. If you do not have two translations, you can use biblegateway.com or biblia.com .
  • Ask questions.. Who is it about? Who is speaking? What kind of genre.. is it poetry or a narrative? Prophesy or Wisdom? Why is it written or why is the action being taken? When is it taking place? How can I apply this to my life? Always ask questions to seek to understand!
  • Find the theme and key verses.

This is a good start! If you want to discuss what we are learning, join us at facebook.com/groups/WordGirlChallenge2020!

In His Love,

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