Word Girl Challenge 2018

Word Girl

2018 Word Girl Challenge

Word Girl



As Beloved Jewels, we are women, girls if you will, of the Word. We do not rely on others to feed our souls but we dig deep into the Scriptures on our own. We are convinced of the wisdom of hiding God’s Word in our hearts… “I have stored up your word in my heart,
that I might not sin against you.” (Ps 119:11, ESV)

Why join the challenge?

Each new year, many of us will choose to spend more time reading God’s Word and we stat off with a blast only to fizzle within a few months.  Why not join us as we walk this path together?  With support and encouragement of others, we grow in discipline and faithfulness to the goal of becoming women of wisdom and grace. If you would like to join this challenge, join us online @ His Beloved Jewels Chat. You can also find more information here!

Word Girl











But wait, there’s more!

(OK, I can imagine you visualizing a bad infomercial with a bad salesman screaming, for just 19.95 you can have 2 for the price of one, just order NOW!!! ) but, seriously, there is more! We are reading through Hi-Story together chronologically this year! This may take a couple of years because we are taking it slow.  Instead of 4-5 chapters a day, we are taking it 1-2 chapters a day and taking time to let Him tell us His story.  We are reading through together in our community called A Blessed Home.

I pray that you will accept this challenge, accept this invitation to a deeper walk with Jesus and joining in a community of women who love Jesus and love others as themselves! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and cozy up to the table with us!

Sharing His love,


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