Worship and the Word

Worship, Word

Worship and the Word

It is the weekend, it is time for Worship Weekend! It normally is time for a weekend worship post but today, I am posting about being able to open His Word as we approach the day we celebrate His incarnation, when Jesus joined Himself with His creation by taking on humanity. When He did this, He also joined Himself to our destiny and He changed that on Calvary!

Worship, Word



He is the Reason

This phrase is becoming almost cliche.. you know, He is the Reason for the Season.. I am beginning to cringe every time I hear it because it is said so often, do we really mean it? Oh I can almost hear you saying.. Its not even thanks giving and you’re talking Christmas. I am not trying to rush anything. But I am thankful that He chose to give up His divine roll to take on my debt. So this is really a post of thanks giving 🙂 Reading the Word is a form of Worship.. But, I digress

I am posting today to invite you to join us for our new study in His Word. We are starting on Monday, the 13th, to read through the gospels in preparation  for the Holidays. We will read through the Word to further our gratitude and admiration for all He has provided for us: His grace, His everlasting love and mercy just to mention a few.

As women who dig deep into His Word, it is only appropriate that we spend the end of one year studying the One Gift that brings salvation, everlasting love and kingdom living. Digging into His Word brings wisdom and grace that can only come when we spend time at His feet as Mary did, choosing the better part (see Luke  10:42).

Find the better part.. see what I am talking about! I am cordially inviting you to join our Bible Study group here!

So lets worship our Lord Jesus..

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